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Affordable Art Fair Hamburg


Hamburg is not a city of art, they say. The new generation is moving to Berlin, art fairs cannot survive here. And the majority of Hanseatic citizens have no interest in galleries - allegedly. We see it differently. And the success of the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) proves us right. The international art fair sells original artworks between 100 and 7,500 euros, from emerging artists to Gerhard Richter. As the lead agency, we have been communicating since 2012 that art can be fun - even for critical Hanseatic citizens.


The concept of AAF "Art for all" is simple, but ingenious - and that's exactly what we convey. We don't need ads, native advertising or advertorials. We rely entirely on media relations. And we develop specific topics that are well received - in print, online, TV, radio and social media. As storytelling experts, we know which topics interest editors and appeal to target groups. The results are art market stories that you won't find anywhere else.


Since 2012, we have been creating the big media impact for the Affordable Art Fair every year. And content strategies by journalists for journalists. These stories reach the heterogeneous target group - on all channels. From relevant content for art-interested Instagrammers. Or a portrait for the listeners of cultural radio. To art-buying tips for readers of women's magazines. Changing focuses guarantee the Affordable Art Fair a huge response every year. Media all over Germany talk about our stories about the AAF - and all of Hamburg talks about the vernissage.


In the meantime, Hamburg has become a city of art for three days every year. The AAF is firmly anchored - in the cultural landscape and in the consciousness of Hamburg's citizens. Since its premiere in 2012, the fair has broken records almost every year: up to 20,000 visitors come to see and buy art. Because no one can avoid the AAF in November. It is present in relevant media from WELT to Harper's Bazar, from Mit Vergnügen to Monopol. And at the latest, when the NZZ sends the people of Zurich to the AAF or the Tagesschau reports, it is clear: our stories are being recognized. With 45 contributions in print media, 36 articles online, 114 shares on social media and 15 contributions on radio and TV, we reached over 15 million people in 2019.



Art with news value: in 2019, we were able to place the AAF in the Tagesschau. Unusual for a commercial event of this magnitude. Impossible without a good story.


Reaching 15 million people a year on all channels.


The city is convinced: We have made the AAF the most successful art fair Hamburg has ever had. And the AAF below the TV tower regularly has more visitors than its offshoots in Milan, Amsterdam or New York.


The Affordable Art Fair Ltd.