Hamburg Marketing GmbH & visitBerlin

Übermut Project


Creativity and collaboration - inseparable today. Our creative industry thrives on networking, exchange and reflection with artists from all over the world. The approach of the Übermut Project was to make good ideas come true and to win over the people behind them. Its initiators, Hamburg Marketing and visitBerlin, wanted to make it clear: Berlin and Hamburg are creative hubs that can compete with London, L.A. or Hong Kong. Funded by the German Foreign Office, the project stood for the German cultural and creative scene. The goal was ambitious, but clear: to encourage international creatives - to engage in dialogue and collaboration.


Two German cities. Ten metropolises worldwide. Countless impressions. With the Übermut Project, visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing sent promising artists and creatives on an inspiring journey. Because good ideas are born when freedom, collaboration and courage meet. But it was only Übermut (eng: high spirits, boisterousness) that brought about extraordinary and innovative creations.


We packed our suitcase and took with us: Creation of a communication strategy, development of a corporate identity, website design and implementation, and new social media channels. Creative places were on the itinerary: From Hong Kong to New York. From Chicago to Milan. From Paris to Amsterdam. To make sure our message landed where it was supposed to, we worked with local agencies through our international agency network IPRN. See and be seen: The results of the individual creative projects were presented to the public at individually designed events. We celebrated the arts!



Creativity knows no boundaries. Thanks to the Übermut Project, collaborations like [2BOATS] have made big waves in Europe. Over 700 enthusiastic visitors saw the artists' self-built boats at Unseen in Amsterdam and at Paris Photo. The inspiring networking of nearly 30 artists and actors from all disciplines was tangible at each of the eleven stops on the worldwide road trip.



Two photo artists on Europe's waterways: With [2BOATS], the Übermut Project had two photographers and their boats travel through Europe for several months. In search of new points of view, perceptions and experiences. The tour was created in collaboration with the "Triennale der Photographie Hamburg" and could be followed live via a blog on the Übermut website.