Projekt Nachhaltigkeit


How sustainable is your project, initiative or company really? Anyone applying to the "Projekt Nachhaltigkeit" competition must have answers to this question. Even more: they have to promote the green course of our society and the global development goals of the UN. Only then can they be one of 40 winners. The Projekt Nachhaltigkeit will award them each 1000 euros, integrate them into its regional and national network and help them with their public relations work. So far, so sustainable. However, these competitions are a dime a dozen. So how do we differentiate our client from the competition? How to play on its USP, regionality, and implement Projekt Nachhaltigkeit uniquely on social media?


Local, close, tangible – regionality is the guiding principle of our strategy. It runs through the entire communication, including the target group-specific approach on social media. That way, we also draw the attention of smaller initiatives and projects to the competition. But if you are committed to saving the world, you don't have time for cumbersome application processes. That is why the competition needs an application tool that is tailored to the demands of Projekt Nachhaltigkeit and the needs of the applicants.


We approach potential participants in particular through direct marketing and mailings. Those who do not become aware of Projekt Nachhaltigkeit here will be reached on social media at the latest. In 2019, we were able to generate around 520 participants. We used the newly established Facebook and Instagram channels with high-reach content and initiated influencer campaigns such as #meinprojektnachhaltigkeit. To avoid losing potential participants in the competition through a complicated application process, we coded an easy-to-use application tool for the Projekt Nachhaltigkeit website. It was also designed so that Projekt Nachhaltigkeit could evaluate the submissions directly online. Together with our client, we coordinate the different phases of the application process and the jury meeting. In addition, the 40 laudations for the award ceremony come from our swan pen.



Good prospects for sustainability. Because the competition is catching on. More than 520 projects, initiatives and companies were at the start of the Sustainability Project in 2019. Nevertheless, we always kept an overview thanks to the website's submission and evaluation platform. We expanded the social media accounts into real communities. We reached 100,000 people on Facebook and 15,000 on Instagram - sustainable visibility for a sustainable project.



Our social media campaign with the hashtag "My #ProjektNachhaltigkeit" drew the attention of the sustainability community to the competition. And ensured additional applications. Celebrities, such as actor Moritz A. Sachs (Lindenstraße), and influencers shared our campaign with their community. This caused the number of applications to skyrocket: 520 initiatives, projects and companies applied for the award in 2019.



To manage the high number of applicants, we already had an ace up our ... er ... feathers: we designed a specific and clear online application area integrated into the website, which simplified the process considerably. Here, candidates could upload their documents with just a few clicks. The members of the pre-jury had access to the submissions via a personal account and could select the 100 projects that would be decided on in the jury session.