Behörde für Justiz und Verbraucherschutz

Lange Nacht des Grundgesetzes


It is the foundation of our democratic state - and the legal framework for all people living in Germany. But only very few people really know what the Grundgesetz (eng.: Basic Law) means to them. What opportunities and freedoms it opens up for them. Freedoms that other peoples do not have. Our Hamburg campaign was designed to bring the Grundgesetz back into the collective consciousness on its 70th birthday and anchor it there.


Event evenings are a dime a dozen. But why are we in Germany allowed to participate in them at all? Where do the freedoms we enjoy come from? These were the questions explored by the "Lange Nacht des Grundgesetzes" (eng.: Long Night of the Basic Law) on May 23, 2019. Under the motto "Du hast (das) Recht” (eng.: “You have (the) right”) Hamburg citizens experienced how the Basic Law touches all areas of their lives at various events. And our 360 campaign highlighted its diversity and uniqueness. In digital and real space, in private and in public.


"You have (the) right" to learn about the Long Night: Together with 28 cooperation partners from law, business and culture, we organized 30 events at 13 locations throughout the city. From a Syrian play at Kampnagel, to short lectures, to the art installation "The Sponge" at Jungfernstieg. Because multifaceted basic law topics demanded multifaceted formats. Our unmissable 360-degree communication with media relations, OOH campaign, website, influencer relations and social media carried the 70th anniversary far beyond Hamburg's borders.


With the "Lange Nacht des Grundgesetzes" we created one of the largest cooperation formats in Hamburg. And a huge birthday bash for the Basic Law. Performances, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, panels, the oversized sponge and a short film about the Basic Law - all part of our party, which was attended by thousands. But the media impact took the campaign to the next level: Through our cooperation with the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper and our online and offline communications, we reached a total of 647 million people. And 400,000 via social media.



A sponge against xenophobia and prejudice: A new edition of Michel Abdollahi's art installation was set up on Hamburg's Jungfernstieg. And provoked unexpected reactions.


Round Table Democracy at Central Congress:

A round table, cold drinks and good topics: At the Round Table Democracy, participants took an in-depth look at the Basic Law. The Senator for Culture and Media, Dr. Carsten Brosda, and Michel Abdollahi discussed "Art and Artistic Freedom”. Justice Senator Dr. Till Steffen and Republica founder Johnny Häusler dealt with "Digitization and Law." And many more.


Play "Yasmin" at Kampnagel :

The Syrian director and actor Fadi Al-Sabbagh has been at home in Germany for several years. How it is to live here as a refugee, he presented in the play "Yasmin".


Behörde für Justiz und Verbraucherschutz