Symphoniker Hamburg



Hamburg wants to be a city of music. But how many Hanseatic citizens are really interested in classical music? And who among them actually notices the musicians? The Hamburg Symphony Orchestra wants to bring classical music into the public consciousness. Even more: they want to be the city's orchestra. Recognizable for all Hamburgers. Relevant and dynamic - even without the Elbphilharmonie.


Music moves us, we move music. Out of the music hall, into the city. Our audience building campaign MusikImPuls brings classical music to the people, as an intervention in a public space - real and digital.


MusikImPuls creates magical moments with pop-up music that suddenly appears. In unusual places in the city and on social media. With meaningful stories, we make the concept known - without any media budget at all. Media relations focus on regional media and the feature pages. In content marketing, we focus on regional lifestyle bloggers. Through social media posts, livestreams, teaser clips and 360° videos, the symphony not only gains listeners, but also visibility. Because we know: An orchestra outside its usual context - on the street or by the water - also reaches people who are not yet classical music fans.



The campaign became the talk of the town. Over 60,000 people followed MusikImPuls live, commented on it and shared it on social media. The reach of the individual events was around 800,000, with a total of over 13 million people reached. And the subsequent 2015/2016 season was the most successful yet for the Laeiszhalle's resident orchestra.


Livestreaming on buildings

Large, eye-catching, luminous. We stream symphony concerts from a converted cargo bike that doubles as an advertising banner. Live from the Laeiszhalle onto the walls of buildings in the city. The audience listens at full volume via headphones as a silent disco.

Citylight concerts

At unusual locations in the middle of Hamburg, the orchestra plays a short concert for surprised passers-by. Their concert hall is the whole city, a converted citylight is their stage.